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China Gate Company was first established in Hong Kong in 2006 to represent Western manufacturers of life and physical science equipment. The China Gate Company is specifically structured to introduce new technology to research and teaching scientists in Greater China.

Our strategy for achieving this is to provide continual application support to our customers until they are producing the results for which the equipment was intended.Academically qualified product managers, reference laboratories, seminars with visiting experts and carefully produced multimedia resources are all part of our strategy to secure our customer's satisfaction.

China Gate Company supplies instruments for physiologists, pharmacologists,cardio-vascular biologists,oncologists,neuroscientists,biomedical researchers,metabolic researchers,teachers and electrochemists.

The main products China Gate distributes include,
1. Danish Myo Technology A/S, Micro Vessel Myograph and Tissue Organ Bath System. (Danish)
2. Transonic Scisense Inc, Micro Pressure and Pressure-Volume Catheter. (Canadian)
3. Oxford Optronix Ltd, Tissue vitality monitoring and Cell Colony Counting and Hypoxia environmental work stations. (English)
4. Ugo Basile Srl. Animal Behavior Research System. (Italian)
5. iWorx Systems Inc, Physiologist’s Tool. (American)
6. Sable Systems International Inc, Promethion Metabolic MeasureMent System (American)
7. eDaq Pty Ltd, Electronic-Chemistry Recording and Analyzing System. (Australian)
8. ImpediMed Ltd, Human/Animal Body Composition Measurement System. (Australian)

In the six years since establishment, China Gate Company has introduced new technology successfully for a number of companies, and now acts as sole distributor for many of them.For a select number of companies we provide an office presence in China, allowing us to manage their brand and reputation.

We have provided scientists in HK and Mainland China with equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our efforts to assist scientists to achieve the results they demand has produced very loyal customers and has secured the reputation of many product lines that we manage.

Our customers now include many of the top universities, research institutes and hospitals in the country, and this grows with each year.