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2017/07/12 China Gate Scientific signs
"China Gate Scientific now officially represents DMT in Chin
2017/05/08 Professor Anil Visit China f
Professor Anil demonstrated Indus DFVS for Chinese Customers
2016/05/19 Dr. Charlie Bleau will visit
Dr. Charlie Bleau will visit China Gate Scientific company.
2016/05/19 our attendance / exhibition
China Gate Scientific company will attend and exhibit the CN
2016/05/19 our attendance and exhibitio
China Gate Scientific company will be attendance, exhibition

China Gate Company was first established in Hong Kong in 2006 to represent Western manufacturers of life and physical science equipment. The China Gate Company is specifically structured to introduce new technology to research and teaching scientists in Greater China.

Our strategy for achieving this is to provide continual application support to our customers until they are producing the results for which the equipment was intended.Academically qualified product managers, reference laboratories, seminars with visiting experts and carefully produced multimedia resources are all part of our strategy to secure our customer's satisfaction.

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