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840MD - MyoDynamics Muscle Strip System

The MyoDynamics Muscle Strip Myograph System - 840MD represents a state-of-the-art 4-channel myograph system for muscle strips of up to 30mm in length. The system was originally developed to give the skeletal muscle physiologist a precise, easy-to-use, high-throughput muscle myograph with the capacity to stretch and retract the muscle under a range of conditions including electric field stimulation. The special design of the chamber, however, gives this system the flexibility to mount larger muscle strips of various organs and striated muscle up to 30mm.

Each muscle bath unit, made of aluminium, features a stainless steel chamber. The tissue supports are positioned in the chamber with one side attached to the force transducer and the other to a combination manual positioner screw and a motorized micro positioner. The manual positioner allows the accurate setting of preload while the motorized micro positioner permits the user to stretch/relax the muscle according to user-defined settings. The sensitive force transducers provide measurement of isometric muscle contractions. Mounted tissue
can be stretched and relaxed defined by the user with a minimum distance of 10μm up to 11mm and a maximum speed of 11mm/sec.

The system comes with a unique tissue clamp system and hooks to hold the mounted tissues. Customised mounting supports can be made upon request.

Stimulation electrodes built into the chamber cover (optional) can be used to activate the muscle via field stimulation from the DMT Combined Pulse & Train Stimulator.

This myograph is well suited for studies involving muscle reactivity and fatigue experiment in connection to neuromuscular disorders such as muscular dystrophy, ataxia and myofibrillar myopathies.

Multiple units, especially when supplemented with the Automatic Buffer Filler System - 625FS, can be arranged side-by-side, to facilitate high-throughput screening, such as drug testing or for experiments requiring the separation of muscle preparations in individual baths.
840MD - MyoDynamics Muscle Strip System

  Features Specification Other info  

√ For use with skeletal and cardiac muscle and strips of other muscle types up to 30mm in length

√ Programmable motor for stretching/retracting a mounted muscle 10μm up to 11mm 

√ Simultaneously examine up to four muscle strips under isometric conditions 

√ Individually built-in heating, oxygen and suction ports

√ Water cooling circuit allowing working temperatures below room temperature

√ Force output is available as direct analog signal output

√ Compatable with the DMT Combined Pulse & Train Stimulator

√ Optional add-on Automatic Buffer Filler System - 625FS allowing semi-automated filling of all chambers

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