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Promethion Metabolic Measurement System

For twenty-five years, Sable Systems International has designed innovative, no-compromise software and hardware for metabolic measurement in exacting scientific applications.  The culmination of this legacy is our first product line designed specifically for biomedical  researchers, Promethion.

Designed for ease of use, its modular concept provides you maximum flexibility in the configuration of your own, unique system, as well as future extensibility when your researchquestions inevitably evolve. Raw data storage means there are no secret algorithms,  or hidden pre-conditioning of data, just data that is transparent and fully traceable.  Data you can trust. The parameters important for your research can be extracted any  way you like -- energy expenditure, metabolic substrate selection, food and water uptake,  meal and drinking patterns, position, total activity and wheel-running, live body mass – even fully  automated behavioral analysis is possible. All perfectly synchronized to the system’s heartbeat of one second.  Nothing is ever lost again.

Conventional systems use sealed cages which cause stress effects and require long acclimation times.  The Promethion systems use conventional live-in cages that are not sealed.This is made possible by  our unique, patent-pending pull-flow generators. Promethion’s patent-pending pull-flow generators allow  the use of essentially any standard live-in cage bottom for measurement. All you have to do is to replace the lid. No handling of the mouse, no unfamiliar new environment.

Promethion systems are available for mice and rats. We offer multiplexed systems (Promethion-M) in  which multiple cages share a gas analyzer chain, and that offer cycle times up to ten times faster than the  competition. If you need still faster metabolic measurement rates, we offer parallel continuous systems  (Promethion-C) in which each cage is paired with its own flow generator and gas analyzers. Promethion-C  systems accurately track metabolic signals corresponding to even brief periods of activity.

Promethion Metabolic Measurement System

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• Home cage environment - bedding allowed, low stress

• Fully pull mode calorimetry - further reducing stress, eliminating leak errors (a problem with push systems),
and enhancing animal safety - even in the event of power failure, the animals will survive

• High flow rate reaches or exceeds usual IACUC standards of 15 air exchanges/hour

• Water vapor dilution effects are eliminated mathematically, using water vapor pressure and barometric
pressure (extensively verified; references showing essentially perfect RER measurements using this technique
are available on request; for an irreverent treatment see

• Data stream includes water loss rate, allowing e.g. measurement of metabolic water production for added phenotyping flexibility

• Water vapor measurement also allows food intake to be mathematically "dried", yielding more accurate conversions from
food intake masses to energy equivalents

• Fast cycle time (cage 1 back to cage 1, 8 to 32 cages) of <=2.5 minutes for calorimetry, guaranteed, independent
of tubing lengths to cages, yields finegrained metabolic resolution for accurate EE, AEE, REE and substrate utilization data

• Environmental monitors available, per-cage or general ambient

• Telemetry (e.g. body temperature, heart rate etc.) available thatsynchronizes with the Promethion system

• Compatible with Noldus and Cleversys video analysis systems

• Continuous systems available if needed, with 1 second temporal resolution for all metabolic signals from all
cages simultaneously

• All raw data from all sensors stored every second for traceability and complete analytical flexibility

• Data transfer is fully digital (no aggregators, computer cards, external amplifiers/data converters etc.)
with resulting resolution to 1:500,000

• Fully modular and easily expandable; no aggregators, cards, per-sensor fees, etc. etc. required

• Includes advanced, automated behavior analysis capability (time budgets,locomotion budgets, probability
transition matrices) at no extra charge

• Intake analysis with 10-20x greater resolution than competing systems,allowing quantification of previously
undetectable micro-intake events

• Activity/position analysis with 1 cm beam spacing and 2.5 mm centroid calculation for accurate measurement
of position, plus fine and coarse activity levels

• Very straightforward to set up and use

• Both technical and scientific/analytical support "By Scientists, For Scientists",from a support staff including multiple
Ph.D.s with peer-reviewed publicationsin biology

• The system is supplied with automated analysis capability for generating final data in many different formats;
custom analysis requests are welcomed and rapidly deployed

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