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Tissue Oxygen partial Pressure and Blood Flow Monitor System

Ever since 1988, Oxford Optronix has been in the business of developing unique modular instruments utilizing fibre-optic micro-sensors to provide real-time measurements of local tissue oxygenation (ptiO2), tissue blood perfusion (blood flow) and tissue temperature.

OxyLite™, OxyFlo™ and OxyLab™ brands have become established the world over in countless branches of biomedical hypoxia and ischaemia research.

In 2013 Oxford Optronix proudly announce the culmination of a decade and half of continued R&D with third-generation tissue oxygen and blood perfusion monitoring platform. Featuring a blend of contemporary design, unheard of ease of use and the very latest in opto-electronic technology, our OxyLite™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro systems bring you what is simply the most advanced, accurate and reliable tissue vitality monitoring platform on the market.

The systems can be combined for simultaneous measurement of oxygen, blood perfusion and temperature from a single, combined sensor (and hence tissue micro-region), providing the research scientist with unique insights into a range of hypoxia and ischemia-related disorders. Alternatively, they can be used in their own right and tailored to meet the needs of any particular project or researcher.

The instruments are employed the world over in experimental applications covering such disciplines as tumor research, cerebral monitoring, ophthalmology, free-flap/pedicle-flap transfer surgery, transplantation surgery, vital organ monitoring, pharmacology, peripheral vascular disease research, as well as in in vitro applications requiring accurate dissolved oxygen measurements in the typical physiological range.

Tissue Oxygen partial Pressure and Blood Flow Monitor System

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One of the most powerful and unique features offered by our tissue vitality monitors is the ability to measure tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region. This is achieved by combining counterpart monitors into a ‘stack’ arrangement and use of our unique, combined, multi-parameter sensors.

The use in this way of a 4-channel OxyLite™ Pro XL and a 4-channel OxyFlo™ Pro XL device enables the collection of multi-parameter physiological data from up to four independent tissue sites at one time, providing unsurpassed data collection and productivity potential. Please refer to the individual product pages for in-depth key features and benefits.

Please note: The OxyLite™ (Pro) and OxyFlo™ (Pro) monitors are intended purely for laboratory, industrial and research use and are NOT medical devices. They do NOT possess regulatory approvals for use with human subjects or patients.

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